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Client Manager

Turbocomply’s Client Manager is a powerful solution designed to streamline client relationship management with an Auditor or a Company secretary.

The key feature of Turbocomply’s Client Manager is its comprehensive client database, which allows Auditor or CS to centralise and manage all client’s information in one place.

CA or CS can easily store, organise, and retrieve client details, such as contact information, communication history, and transaction history, making it easy to access critical information about clients.

You can create and assign tasks related to clients, set reminders, and track task progress. This helps to ensure that important client-related tasks are completed in a timely manner, improving customer service and satisfaction.

You can share the Client Dashboard with the client generating a Real-time Compliance Certificate allowing the Client to be ready for Fund Raise or Due Diligence or an Audit an any point of time.

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