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Standing Orders Draft Submission

Standing Orders Draft Submission

What Submission of Draft Standing Orders?

A statutory obligation is imposed by the Act upon the employer(s) to submit, individually/ jointly, five copies of a ‘Draft Standing Order’ within six months of its applicability to the industrial establishment, which should be inclusive of the matters enlisted in the Schedule and of the MSOs (short for – Model Standing Orders), if any, and to which shall be annexed such documents containing particulars of the workmen employed.

Who and when?

(1) Within six months from the date on which this Act becomes applicable to an industrial establishment, the employer shall submit to the Certifying Officer five copies of the draft standing orders proposed by him for adoption in his industrial establishment.

(2) Provision shall be made in such draft for every matter set out in the Schedule which may be applicable to the industrial establishment, and where model standing orders have been prescribed, shall be, so far as is practicable, in conformity with such model.

(3) The draft standing orders submitted under this section shall be accompanied by a statement giving prescribed particulars of the workmen employed in the industrial establishment including the name of the trade union, if any, to which they belong.

(4) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, a group of employers in similar industrial establishments may submit a joint draft of standing orders under this section.


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