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Prohibition of contract labour

Prohibition of contract labour

The principal employer can not employ contract labour in respect of in any process operation or other work in any establishment which has been prohibited by appropriate govt by a notification (like perennial nature work, work is done through regular workmen)

Prohibition of employment of contract labour.-

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the appropriate Government may, after consultation with the Central Board or, as the case may be, a State Board, prohibit, by notification in the Official Gazette, employment of contract labour in any process, operation or other work in any establishment.

(2) Before issuing any notification under sub-section (1) in relation to an establishment, the appropriate Government shall have regard to the conditions of work and benefits provided for the contract labour that establishment and other relevant factors, such as-

(a)     whether the process, operation or other work is incidental to or necessary for the industry, trade, business, manufacture or occupation that is carried on in the establishment ;

(b)     whether it is of perennial nature, that is to say, it is so of sufficient duration having regard to the nature of industry, trade, business, manufacture or occupation carried on in that establishment ;

(c)     whether it is done ordinarily through regular workmen in that establishment or an establishment similar thereto;

(d)     whether it is sufficient to employ a considerable number of whole-time workmen.

Explanation.- If a question arises whether any process or operation or other work is of perennial nature, the decision of the appropriate Government thereon shall be final.

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