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Maternity Benefit Returns – Annual returns

Maternity Benefit Returns

Form K – Annual Returns 1. To enter the number of women employees details employed during the year whether permanent or temporary. 2. Number of women who had worked for a period of not less than 160 days in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of delivery

(1) The employer of every mine or circus shall on or before the 21st day of January in each year submit to the competent authority a return in each of the Forms ‘L’, ‘M’,’N’ and ‘O’ giving information as to the particulars specified in respect of the preceding year.

Form L – Self-certification by Employer. 1. To enter the maximum number of employees employed on any day. 2. To fill in the maternity benefits details given during the year

(2) If the employer of a mine or circus to which the Act applies sells, abandons or discontinues the working of the mine or circus he shall, within one month of the date of sale or abandonment or four months of the date of discontinuance, as the case may be, submit to the competent authority a further return in each of the said forms in respect of the period between the end of the preceding year and the date of sale, abandonment or discontinuance.

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