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Licence application by contractor

Licence application by the contractor

The principal employer must ensure that the contractor if employed 20 or more contract labour in the establishment obtains a licence as required under the Act. – The contractor must obtain the licence for the said establishment from the licencing officer on submitting Form II in triplicate on payment such fees and along with security deposit.

 Application for a licence.-

  • Every application by a contractor for the grant of a licence shall be made in triplicate, in Form IV, to the licensing officer of the area in which the establishment, in relation to which he is the contractor, is located.
    (2) Every application for the grant of a licence shall be accompanied by a certificate by the principal employer in Form V to the effect that the applicant has been employed by him as a contractor in relation to. His establishment and that he undertakes to be bound by all the provisions of the Act and the Rules made thereunder insofar as the provisions are applicable to him as principal employer in respect of the employment of contract labour by the applicant.
    (3) Every such application shall be either personally delivered to the licensing officer or sent to him by registered post.
    (4) On receipt of the application referred to in sub-rule (1), the licensing officer shall, after noting thereon the date of receipt of the application, grant an acknowledgement to the applicant.
    (5) Every application referred to in sub-rule (1) shall also be accompanied by a treasury receipt showing-
    (i)  the deposit of the security at the rates specified in Rule 24, and
    (ii) the payment of the fees at the rates specified in Rule 26.

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