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I D Act-Notice of Change – Form N

I D Act-Notice of Change – Form N

Any employer intending to effect any change in the conditions of service applicable to any workman in respect of any matter specified in the Fourth Schedule to the Act shall give notice of such intention in Form “N”.

He can do so by giving 21 days notice in Form ‘N’  about the nature of the change to the Commissioner of Labour(Conciliation) and the union functioning in the industrial establishment. It shall be served on the union by registered post.

The notice shall be displayed conspicuously by the employer on a notice board at the main entrance to the establishment and in the Manager’s Office. The notice which is affixed on the notice board shall be in English, and in any other language understood by the majority of the workmen in the establishment concerned.

Provided that where any registered trade union of workmen exists, a copy of the notice shall also be served by registered post on the Secretary of such union. A copy of the notice shall simultaneously be forwarded by the employer to the Commissioner of Labour, Chennai, and the Conciliation Officer concerned.