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I D Act-Closure -Form R4

I D Act-Closure -Form R4

If 100 workmen were employed on an average per working day for the proceeding 12 months, the employer has to apply for permission in Form ‘R4’.

(1) Application for permission to close down an undertaking under sub-section (1) of section 25-O shall be made in Form R-4 and delivered to the State Government, either personally or by registered post with acknowledgEment due and where the application is sent by registered post, the date on which the same is delivered to the State Government shall be deemed to be the date on which the application has been made for the purpose of sub-section (3) of the said section.

(2) The application for permission shall be made in triplicate in Form R-4. A copy of such application shall be served simultaneously by registered post or on the President or Secretary of the registered trade union(s) functioning in the establishment and a notice in this regard shall also be displayed conspicuously by the employer on a Notice Board at the main entrance to the establishment for the information of all the concerned workmen at the same time when applications are served on the State Government.

(3) The employer concerned shall furnish to the State Government to whom the application for permission to close down has been made, such further information as that Government considers necessary, for arriving at a decision on the application