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GSTR2 Return Filing, Format, Eligibility & Rule

In the List of GST, GSTR-1, GSTR-2 is a Modus operandi to ensure that there is a summary of Inward Purchases of Taxable GST is done in a monthly manner.

What is GSTR-2?

GSTR-2 is all about the purchases transactions of a registered dealer for a designated period. It will also include purchases on which reverse charge applies. No purchases will ever go unnoticed.
The GSTR-2 filed by a registered dealer is used by the government to check with the sellers’ GSTR-1 for buyer-seller reconciliation. Prior to the filing of GSTR-2, one can verify, edit the details in the portal in case if the service is not auto-filled.

Who are all the eligible candidates to file GSTR-2?

· A registered taxpayer who is under the bucket of GST.
· A composition vendor or a Vendor who hold a Unique Identification Number (UIN)
· Non-Resident Foreign Tax Payers
· Persons liable to TCS Collection
· Person liable to TDS Deduction

What are the other things that need to be filed in GSTR-2?

GSTR-2 has around 11 different heads to be filled in. Among those, important ones are listed below
· Inward Supplies Details from Registered and Unregistered Supplies
· Details on Import Service
· Debit/Credit Note
· Reversible Charges
· Details on Advanced amount paid
· Input tax reclaim if any
· Summary of Inward Supplies

Where can you go wrong in GSTR-2 Filing?

The Common mistake in GSTR-2 Filing is very minimal as it is generated based on GSTR-1. But a very common mistake in GSTR-2 is Entering the wrong details or Inputting the wrong transaction
details. Because of the Wrong transaction the filing will not complete. Once the Information is a rolled-Into system, we will not be able to edit it. In the case of Mistakes, we can have it corrected during next month’s filing.


· A person who is eligible to File GSTR-2, obliged to have the information on their GSTR-2 in their GST portal. It is also necessary that data in the portal has to be verified with the transaction data that has been held about Transactions and Invoices. This Transaction should include details of Inter-State and as well as Intra-state Transactions.

How to Access GSTR-2

The sign can be accessed through Aadhar based E-signature or Through an OTP-One time passed received at your GST Registered Mobile Number. The other alternative is also signed in through
Electronic verification code or Digital signature

Find Your GSTR2 Form here: GSTR-2

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