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GST Notices and Demand Orders

Notices and Demand Orders

All the notices and demand orders raised by the Tax Authorities are displayed on the Taxpayer’s dashboard in descending chronological order. On clicking View notices and demand orders, all the notices and demand orders issued to you will be displayed in descending chronological order.

Data displayed in Notices and Demand Orders issued would generally be:

1. Notice/demand order Issued by (Authority)
2. Type of notice/demand order
3. Notice / Order Description
4. Date of issuance (Descending Order)
5. Due Date
6. Amount of Demand (if applicable)
7. Documents of demand
8. View / Download

Visibility of Notices and Demand Orders

View/Download hyperlink is enabled in the portal and one can view/download the notices and demand orders for the last one year. To view or download the notices and demand orders issued by the GST tax authorities, please perform the following steps:

1. Go to to view the GST home page 
2. Log in to the GST Portal with valid credentials
3. Click the Services > User Services > View Notices and Orders command

How to reply to Notices and Demand Orders

The taxpayer needs to respond to such notices and demand orders based on the content by providing necessary information/documents/payments within the timeline mentioned therein. Any deficiency in such documentation and delay in submission would attract further notices/orders/fines/penalties on a case-to-case basis.



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