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Factories Act – Statutory Appointments – Creche staff

Factories Act – Statutory Appointments – Creche staff

Crèche staff and clothes for crèche staff

(1)The occupier shall appoint a qualified nurse or midwife with the sufficient number of ayahs, the number calculated at the rate of one ayah for every 30 children or part thereof for the purposes of looking after the children accommodated in the crèches and the occupier shall provide suitable equipment and the facilities for the purpose:

Provided that the occupier may appoint a nurse or midwife who is not qualified if the Chief Inspector, in consultation with the Director of Medical Services, certifies that such nurse or midwife is suitable for appointment under this sub-rule.

(2)The crèche staff shall be provided with suitable clean clothes by the occupier for use while on duty in the crèche.