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Factories Act – Safety Policy Display

Factories Act – Safety Policy Display

It’s also good practice to display your company’s health and safety policy. Depending upon the size and type of your business this could run into hundreds of pages so this isn’t particularly practical to display on a noticeboard in its entirety. However, what many businesses do is display the first part of the policy, the statement of intent. This lists the company’s aims for health and safety in a clear and simple way and is signed and dated by the person whose responsibility for health and safety are in the workplace.

Wherever risk of injury prevails, necessary caution boards or symbols should be displayed like moving equipment, Nip points, slippery areas, men at work, etc.

(2) Adequate training in safe operations should be imparted to workers at the time of induction into the factory and at periodical intervals not exceeding a year and whenever there is a job rotation or operational change.

(3) For paper machine speeds exceeding 200 meters per minute start-up alarm should Be provided before the crawl and before being put to run.

(4) All rotating elements should indicate the direction of rotation.

(5) Where ever nip is there, indication in a bold letter to be provided.)