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Factories Act -Safety Measures – Safety committee

Factories Act -Safety Measures – Safety committee

Safety Committee

(1) In every factory

(a)Where in two hundred and fifty or more workers are ordinarily employed; or

(b)Which carries on any process or operation declared to be dangerous under Section 87 of the Act; or

(c)Which carries on the hazardous process as defined under Section 2 (oh) Of the Act; there shall be a Safety Committee.

(2) The representatives of the management of the Safety Committee shall include

(a)A senior official, who by his position in the organization can contribute effectively to the functioning of the Committee, shall be the Chairman;

(b)A Safety Officer and a Factory Medical Officer, wherever available and the Safety Officer, in such a case shall be the Secretary of the Committee;

(c)A representative each from the production, maintenance and purchase departments.

(3)The Workers’ representatives on this Committee shall be a sequel to the number of representatives of the management, as elected by the workers.

(4)The tenure of the Committee shall be three years.

(5)Safety Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in every quarter. The minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and produced to the Inspector on demand.

(6)Safety Committee shall have the right to be adequately and suitably informed of

(a)Potential safety and health hazards to which the workers may be exposed at the workplace.

(b)data on accidents as well as data resulting from surveillance of the working environment and of the health of workers exposed to hazardous substances so far as the factory is concerned :

Provided that the Committee undertakes to use the data on a confidential basis and solely to provide guidance and advice on measures to improve the working environment and the health and safety of the workers.

(7)Functions and duties of the Safety Committee shall include

(a)Assisting and co-operating with the management in achieving the aims and objectives outlined in the Health and Safety Policy of the Occupier.

(b)Dealing with all matters concerning health, safety and environment and to arrive at practicable solutions to problems encountered;

(c)Creating safety awareness  among stall workers;

(d)Undertaking educational, training and promotional activities;

(e)Discussing reports on safety, environmental and occupational health surveys, safely audits, risk assessment, emergency and disaster management plans and implementation of the recommendations made in the reports;

(f)Carrying out health and safety surveys and identifying causes of accidents;

(g)Looking into any complaint made on the likelihood of imminent danger to the safety and health of the workers and suggesting corrective measures; and

(h)Reviewing the implementation of the recommendations made by it.

(8)Where owing to the size of the factory or any other reason, the functions referred to in sub-rule (7) cannot be effectively carried out by the Safety Committee, it may establish sub-committees as may be required to assist it]

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