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Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire protection

Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire protection

Fire protection

(1)Processes, equipment, plant, etc., involving a serious explosion and serious fire hazards.

(a)All processes, storage, equipment, plants, etc., invoking serious explosion and flash fire hazards shall be located in the segregated buildings where the equipment shall be so arranged that only a minimum number of employees are exposed to such hazards at any one time.

(b)All industrial processes involving serious fire hazards should be located in buildings or workplaces separated from one another by walls of fire-resistant construction.

(c)Equipment and plant involving serious fire or flash fire hazards shall, wherever possible, be so constructed and installed that in case of fire, they can be easily isolated.

(d)Ventilation ducts, pneumatic conveyors and similar equipment involving a serious fire risk should be provided with flame-arresting or automatic fire extinguishing appliances or fire-resisting dampers electrically interlocked with heat-sensitive/smoke detectors and the air-conditioning plant system.

(e)In all workplaces having a serious fire or flash fire hazards, passages between machines, installations or piles of material should be at least 90 cm. wide. For storage piles, the clearance between the ceiling and the top of the pile should not be less than 2 m.

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