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Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire extinguishers

Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire extinguishers

(a) An Adequate number of suitable fire extinguishers or other fire-fighting equipment shall be kept in constant readiness for dealing with risks involved and depending on the amount and nature of materials stored:

(b)Clear instructions as to how the extinguishers or other equipment should be used shall be printed in the language which the majority of the workers employed understand. The instructions shall be affixed to each extinguisher or other equipment and the personnel trained in their use shall be supplied with the instructions


(1)  The different types of fire and first-aid firefighting equipment suitable for use on them are as under:

Class of fire Suitable type of Appliances
Class ‘A’ Fires Water expelling type extinguishers
Class ‘B’ Fires Foam, dry, power, vaporizing liquid and carbon dioxide extinguishers
Class ‘C’ Fires Dry powder, vaporizing liquid and carbon dioxide extinguishers


(2) Where cleanliness and contamination of sensitive electrical equipment are of importance or where the sensitivity of the control instruments or electronic equipment and systems are likely to be affected. only carbon dioxide or vaporizing liquid type extinguishers should be used

(3)For fires involving polar solvents and other water-miscible flammable liquids, dry powder type or mechanical foam extinguisher with alcohol-resistant foam should be used.

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