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Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire Drills

Factories Act -Safety Measures – Fire Drills

Personnel in charge of equipment and for fire fighting, fire drills, etc.

(a)The first-aid and other firefighting equipment to be provided as required in sub-paragraph (10) and (11) shall be in charge of a trained responsible person.

(b) The Sufficient number of persons shall be trained in the proper handling of firefighting equipment as referred to in clause (a) and their use against the types of fire for which they are intended to ensure that an adequate number of persons are available for firefighting both by means of first-aid firefighting equipment and others. Such persons shall be provided with clothing and equipment including helmets, belts and boots, preferably gumboots. Wherever vehicles with towing attachments are to be provided as required in clause (d) of sub-paragraph (11) a sufficient number of persons shall be trained in driving these vehicles to ensure that trained persons are available for driving them whenever the need arises.

(c)Fire fighting drills shall be held as often as necessary and at least once in every period of two months.

(13) Automatic sprinkler and fire hydrants shall be in addition and not in substitution of the requirements in sub-paragraphs (10) and (1 1).

(14) If the Chief Inspector is satisfied in respect of any factory or any part of the factory that owing to the exceptional circumstances such as inadequacy of water supply or infrequency of the manufacturing process or for any other reason, to be recorded in writing, all or any of the requirements of the rules are impracticable or not necessary for the protection of workers, he may by order in writing (which he may at his discretion revoke) exempt such factory or part of the factory from all or any of the provisions of the rules subject to conditions as he may by such order prescribe.

(15)119[Plan of fire-fighting installations showing the entire compound, whole buildings therein, within their doors and window openings, boundary walls, etc., should be submitted to the office of the Inspector of Factories, the State Fire Directorate and the local authority.

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