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Factories Act – Report (Stability)

Factories Act  – Report (Stability)

(1)The plans approved by the 58[Chief Inspector or Deputy Chief Inspector, as the case may be] under rule 3 and the licence granted for a factory under rule 4 shall be readily available in the factory for inspection by the Inspectors and additional Inspectors appointed under section 8 of the Act.

(2)The plans and layouts or factory buildings sent to the 59 [Chief Inspector or Deputy Chief Inspector, as the case may be] for approval under rule 3 shall be prepared by a person possessing a diploma or degree in Engineering or pass in the examination prescribed for the Engineering Subordinate or the Overseer class or the Draftsman class in the College of Engineering, Guindy.

(3)After the date of the commencement of the Act, no manufacturing process shall be carried on in any factory constructed,    extended or taken into use as a factory or part of a factory until a certificate of stability in respect of the buildings in the form below has been sent by the occupier or management of the factory to the Inspector.

Provided that the certificate of stability sent by the occupier or management of the factory to the Inspector as required in this rule shall be valid only for a period of three years from the date of its issue and within thirty days after the expiry of the said period, a fresh certificate of stability shall be sent to the Inspector.

Form of Certificate of Stability

(1)         Name of the factory

(2)         Village, town and district in which the factory is situated

(3)         Full postal address of the factory

(4)         Name of the occupier of the factory

(5)         Nature of manufacturing process to be carried on in the factory

(6)         Number of floors on which workers will be employed. I certify that I have inspected the building on the… which is housed and examined the various parts including the foundations as shown in the complete plans approved by the Chief Inspector in his letter No…dated with special reference to the machinery, plant, etc.. that have been installed. I am of opinion that the building has been constructed/extended in accordance with the plans approved by the Chief Inspector in his Letter No…dated that it is structurally sound and that its stability will not be dangered by its use as a factory for the manufacture of…for which the machinery, plant, etc., installed are intended.

Place:    (Signature)

Date:    Name, designation and qualifications.

Note: No certificate of stability is necessary in the case of existing buildings for which no plans have been approved prior to 1948.

(4)         60[The certificate of stability referred to in sub-rule (3) shall be signed by a competent person recognized by the Chief Inspector under rule 2-A for that purpose.

(5)        61[An occupier shall not use any premises as a factory or carry on any manufacturing process in a factory unless a licence has been issued in respect of such premises and is in force for the time being] 62[Provided that if a valid application for grant or renewal of licence has been submitted and the required fee has been paid, the premises shall be deemed to be fully licensed until such date as the Chief Inspector grants or refuses in writing to grant or renew the licence, or the Superintending Inspector having jurisdiction over the area where the factory is situated, renews the licence.]

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