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Factories Act – Report – Form 36 (H/L)

Factories Act  – Report – Form 36 (H/L)

A Register shall be maintained to record particulars of examination of hoists and lifts and shall give particulars as shown in Form No. 36.

(2) Exemption of certain hoists and lifts: In pursuance of the provisions of sub-section

(4) of section 28. in respect of any class or description of hoist or lift specified in the first column of the following schedule, the requirements of section 28 are specified in this cond column of the said schedule and set opposite to that class or description of hoist or lift shall not apply.

Class or description of hoist or lift Requirements that shall not apply
(1) (2)
Hoists or lifts are mainly used for raising materials for charging blast furnaces or lime kilns. Sub-section(1)(b) in so far as it requires a gate at the bottom landing: sub-section

(1) (d); sub-section (1) (e)



Hoists not connected with mechanical power and which are not used for carrying persons

Subsection(1)(b) in so far as it requires the hoist-way or lift-way enclosure to be so constructed as to prevent any person or thing from being trapped between any pan soft he hoist or Iift and any fixed structure or moving part; sub-section



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