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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – Over Crowding

Factories Act РOther Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures РOver Crowding


In every room in which a lead process is carried on, there shall be at least 14.2 cubic meters of air space for each person employed therein, and in computing this air space no height over 3.7 meters shall be taken into account.


Every workroom shall be provided with inlets and outlets of adequate size as to secure and maintain efficient ventilation in all parts of the room.

Distance between workers in pasting room

In every pasting room the distance between the centre of the working position of any pasterandthatofthepasterworkingnearesttohimshallnotbelessthan1.5 meters.

(1)The maximum number of workers who may be employed in each workroom or work hall shall be posted prominently by means of a notice painted on the internal wall in each such room or hall. When determining the maximum number of persons permissible in addition to the breathing space required to be provided by section 16 (2), floorspaceof276[2.3 square meters in the case of existing factories and 277[3.3 square meters) in factories built after the commencement of the Act, shall also be provided for each worker working at any one time in the room, but such floor space shall be exclusive of the space occupied by machinery, fixtures and the materials in the room.

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