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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – Medical Examination – Form 40

Factories Act РOther Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures РMedical Examination РForm 40

Every member of the canteen staff who handles foodstuffs shall be medically examined by the Factory Medical Officer or the Certifying Surgeon and such examination shall include the following, namely:

(i)Routine and bacteriological testing of faces and urine for germs of dysentery and typhoid fever at intervals of not more than six months;

(ii) Routine blood examination at intervals of not more than twelve months;

(iii) Any other examination including chest X-rays that may be considered necessary by the Factory Medical Officer or the Certifying Surgeon. Any person, who in the opinion of the Factory Medical Officer as confirmed in writing by the Certifying Surgeon, is unsuitable for employment on account of possible risk to the health of others, shall not be employed as canteen staff.

(iv)(a)149[The fee for such routine clinical examination of each member of the canteen staff by the certifying surgeons shall be 150[Rs.100/- (Rupees one hundred only)] which fee is exclusive of any charges incurred for conducting any kind of laboratory tests, etc.

(b) Such charges shall be paid by the occupier into the local treasury and the receipt attached with the application.

(c) 151[The certificate of Medical Examination of Canteen Staff shall be issued in Form No. 40.]


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