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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – First Aid Box

Factories Act – Other Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures – First Aid Box.

In every factory, there shall be provided and maintained by regular replenishment first aid boxes or cupboard/s distinctively marked with a red cross on white background 143[and it is suggested that the first aid boxes or cupboards are equipped] with the contents as per the appropriate scale specified in the following Table for the corresponding class of.

Factories A. B or C. as indicated below:


Class – A (i) All factories under section85(i) of the Act, and

(ii)Factoriesundersection2 (m)(ii) of the Act, employing up to fifty workers

Class – B (i) Factories under section 2 (m) (i) of the Act employing up to fifty workers
Class – C (i) Factories under section 2 (m) (i) or 2 (m) (ii) of the Act employing more than fifty workers


The occupier shall provide in readily accessible positions a sufficient number of special “First-Aid” boxes or cupboards. Each box or cupboard shall be distinctly marked and shall contain, besides any other medical appliances or requisites, a supply of:

(i)           Collodion and Brushes.

(ii)          Impermeable Waterproof Plaster

(iii)         Ointment, Lint, Bandages and Scissors.

(iv)         A 2percentalcoholicsolutionofIodine.

Nothing except appliance or requisites for First-Aid shall be kept in a “First-Aid” box or cupboard.

Each “First-Aid” box or cupboard shall be placed under the charge of a person who possesses the certificate granted by the St. John Ambulance Association, for rendering first-aid and such person shall be readily available during working hours of the factory.

A notice or notice shall be affixed in every workroom stating the name of the person in charge of a box or cupboard provided in respect of that room.

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