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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – Drinking Water

Factories Act РOther Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures РDrinking Water

The quantity of drinking water to be provided for the workers in every factory shall be at least 4.5 litres per day per worker and such drinking water shall be readily available at all times during working hours

The water provided for drinking shall be supplied

(a)From a public water supply system, or

(b)From any other source approved in writing by the Health Officer

If drinking water is not supplied directly from taps either connected with public water- supply system or any other water supply system of the factory approved by the Health Officer, it shall be kept in suitable vessels, receptacles or tanks fitted with taps, and having dust-proof covers placed on raised stands or platforms in shade and having suitable arrangements of drainage to carry away spilt water. Such vessels or receptacles and tanks shall be kept clean and the water renewed at least once every day. All practicable measures shall be taken to ensure that the water is free from contamination.

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