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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – cooled water supply

Factories Act РOther Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures Рcooled water supply

In every factory wherein more than two hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed

(a)The drinking water supplied to the workers shall, during hot weather, be cooled by ice or other effective methods:

Provided that, if ice is placed in the drinking water, the ice shall be clean and wholesome and shall be obtained only from a source approved in writing by the Health Officer;

(b)The cooled drinking water shall be supplied in every can-teen, lunch-room and restroom and also at conveniently accessible points throughout the factory which fur the purpose of these rules shall be called “Water Centers”;

(c)The water centres shall be sheltered from the weather and adequately drained;

(d)The number of water centres to be provided shall be one “centre” for every 150 persons employed at any one lime in the factory.

Provided that in the case of a factory where the number of persons employed exceeds 500, it shall be sufficient if there is one such “centre” as aforesaid for every 150 persons up to the first 500 and one for every 500 persons thereafter.;

77[Provided further that the distance between the places of work of any worker shall not be more than fifty meters from the nearest water centre or any distance as may be specified by the Inspector.]

(e)Every water centre shall be maintained in a clean and orderly condition;

(f)Every water centre shall be in charge of a suitable person who shall distribute the water. Such person shall be provided with clean clothes while on duty:

Provided that, the Chief Inspector may exempt any” water centre” from the requirements of this clause.

Clause(f) shall not apply to any factory in which suitable mechanically operated drinking water refrigerating units are installed to the satisfaction of the Chief Inspector

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