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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – Canteen managing committee

Factories Act РOther Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures РCanteen managing committee

(1)The manager shall appoint a Canteen Managing Committee which shall be consulted from time to time as to

(a)The quality and quantity of foodstuffs to be served in the canteen;

(b)The arrangements of the menus;

(c)Times of meals to the canteen; and

(d)Any other matter as may be directed by the Committee.

(2)The Canteen Managing Committee shall consist of an equal number of persons nominated by the occupier and elected by the workers. The number of elected workers shall be in the proportion of one for every 1,000 workers employed in the factory, provided that in no case shall there be more than five or less than two workers on the Committee and in cases where the workers refuse to elect their representatives, the occupier shall himself nominate the worker’s representatives.

(3)The occupier shall appoint from among the persons nominated by him, a Chairman of the Canteen Managing Committee.

(4)The manager shall determine and supervise the procedure for elections to the Canteen Managing Committee.

(5)A Canteen Managing Committee shall be dissolved by the manager two years after the last election, no account being taken of a by-election or its constitution, as the case may be.

(6)Where the workers of a factory in which a canteen has been provided by the occupier in accordance with rules 65 to 67 for the use of the workers, desire to run the canteen by themselves on a co-operative basis with share capital contributed by themselves, the management may permit them to run the canteen in accordance with the by-laws of the Co-operative Canteen, the Madras Co-operative Societies Act, 1932153, and the rules framed thereunder, subject to such conditions as the Chief Inspector may, in consultation with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Madras, impose.

(7)The provisions of sub-rule (1) of rule 68, sub-rule (2) of rule 69 and sub-rules (1) to(5) of rule 70 shall not apply to canteens that are run on cooperative basis by the workers themselves and which are recognized by the Chief Inspector

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