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Factories Act – Other Statutory Health & Welfare Measures – Canteen facility

Factories Act – Other Statutory  Health & Welfare Measures – Canteen facility


(1)Rules 65 to71 shall come into force in respect of any class or description of factories on such dates as the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint in this behalf.

(2) The occupier of every factory notified by the State Government and wherein more than two hundred and fifty workers are ordinarily employed shall provide in or near the factory an adequate canteen according to the standards prescribed in these rules.

(2-A) In factories, in which workplaces are situated at a distance of more than 0.2 km. from the canteen and where the Chief Inspector directs in writing, arrangements shall be made for serving light refreshments from the canteen to workers at the workplaces.

(3) The 147[Occupier or Manager of a factory] shall submit for the approval of the Chief Inspector plans and site plan, in triplicate, of the building to be constructed or adapted for use as a canteen.

(4) The canteen building shall be situated not less than 15.2 meters from any latrine, urinal, boiler house, coal stacks, ash dumps and any other source of dust, smoke or obnoxious fumes:

Provided that the Chief Inspector may in any particular factory relax the provisions of this sub-rule to such extent as may be reasonable in the circumstances and may require measures to be adopted to secure the essential purpose of this sub-rule.

(5)         The canteen building shall be constructed in accordance with the plans approved by the Chief Inspector and shall accommodate at least a dining hall, kitchen room,

pantry and washing places separately for workers and for utensils. The minimum height of the building shall be not less than 3.7 meters and all the walls and roof shall be of suitable heat-resisting materials and shall be water-proof

(6)  In a canteen the floor and inside walls up to a height of 1.2 meters from the floor shall be made of smooth and impervious materials; the remaining portion of the inside walls shall be made smooth by cement plaster or in any other manner approved by the Chief Inspector.

(7)  The doors and windows of a canteen building shall be of fly-proof construction and shall allow adequate ventilation.

(8)  The canteen shall be sufficiently lighted at all times when any persons have access to it.

(a)In every canteen

(i) All inside walls of rooms and ceiling and passages and staircases shall be lime washed or colour washed at least once in each year or painted once in three years dating from the period when last lime washed or painted, as the case may be;

(ii) All woodwork shall be varnished or painted once in three years dating from the period when last varnished or painted;

(iii) All internal structural iron or steelwork shall be varnished or painted once in three years dating from the period when last varnished or painted:

Provided that inside walls of the kitchen shall be lime-washed once in every four months;

(b) Records of dates on which lime washing, colour-washing, varnishing or painting is carried out shall be maintained in the prescribed register (Form No. 7).

(10)  The precincts of the canteen shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Wastewater shall be carried away in suitable covered drains and shall not be allowed to accumulate so as to cause a nuisance. A suitable arrangement shall be made for the collection and disposal of garbage.

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