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Factories Act – Half yearly Returns -Form 21

Factories Act – Half-yearly Returns -Form 21

The Manager of every factory shall furnish to the Inspector the following returns, namely:

  1. A half-yearly return for the first half of every calendar year, in duplicate in Form No.21so as to reach the Inspector on or before the 31st July of the year.
  2. A combined annual return for every calendar year, induplicate in FormNo.22 so as to reach the inspector on or before the 31st January of the following year.

In the case of a factory In which work is carried on only during certain periods or periods of the year, the Manager shall, if so required by the State Government or if the State Government so directs, through the Chief Inspector, submit the annual or half-yearly returns mentioned in rule 100 within fifteen days after the close of that period or after the close of the last of those periods in the year as the case may be.

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