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Factories Act – Cautionery Notice display

Factories Act – Cautionary Notice display

Cautionary notices in the form specified in Appendix B and presented in the language easily read and understood by the majority of the workers shall be displayed in prominent places in the workrooms where Benzene or substances containing Benzene are manufactured, handled or used.

1.Carbon disulphide (CS) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) which may be present in this room are hazardous to health.

  1. Follow safety instructions.
  2. Use protective equipment and breathing apparatus as and when required.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in this area.

This notice shall be in a language understood by the majority of the workers and displayed where it can be easily and conveniently read. If any worker is illiterate, effective steps shall be taken to explain carefully to him the contents of the notice so displayed.

(2)         Arrangements shall be made to instruct each worker employed in any room in which a fume process is carried on regarding the health hazards connected with their work and the preventive measures and methods to protect themselves. Such instructions shall be given on his first employment and repeated periodically.

(3)         Simple and special instructions shall be framed to ensure that effective measures will be carried out in case of an emergency involving the escape of carbon disulphide and hydrogen sulphide. Those instructions shall be displayed in the concerned areas and workers shall be instructed and trained in the actions to be taken in such emergencies.


  1. Chemicals handled in this plant are corrosive and poisonous.
  2. Smoking, chewing tobacco, eating food or drinking, in this area is prohibited. No foodstuff or drink shall be brought in this area.
  3. Some of these chemicals may be absorbed through the skin and may cause poisoning.
  4. A good wash shall be taken before meals.
  5. Protective devices supplied shall be used while working in this area.
  6. Spillage of the chemicals on any part of the body or on the floor shall be immediately washed away with water.
  7. All workers shall report for the prescribed medical tests regularly to protect their own health.
  8. Medical facilities and records of examinations and tests

(1)         The occupier of every factory in which electrolytic processes are carried on shall

(a)         employ a qualified medical practitioner for medical surveillance of the workers employed therein whose appointment shall be subject to the approval of the Chief Inspector of Factories ;

(b)        provide to the said medical practitioner all the necessary facilities for the purpose referred to in clause (a); and

(c)          maintain a sufficient supply of suitable barrier cream, ointment and impermeable waterproof plaster in a separate box readily accessible to the workers and used solely for the purpose of keeping these substances. In case cyanides are used in the bath, the box shall also contain an emergency cyanide kit.

(2)         The medical practitioner shall examine all workers before they are employed in electrolytic processes. Such examination in case of chrome plating shall include in the section of hands, forearms and nose and will be carried out once at least every fortnight.

(3)         The record of the examinations referred to in sub-paragraph (2) shall be maintained in a separate register approved by the Chief Inspector of Factories which shall be kept readily available for inspection by the Inspector.

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