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ESI Declaration

ESI Declaration

What is ESI Declaration ?

ESIC Form 1 is also known as ESIC declaration form, issued by employer to their employees during their joining team. Simply ESI form 1 is declaration from employee to include him or her in Employee State Insurance Corporation Scheme.

Who and When?

In earlier days employer need to submit this filled ESI form 1 to the ESIC office with in 10 days from the date of appointment of employee. Now there is no need to submit any physical forms to  ESIC office.

From every employee at the time of joining, as per  ESIC, capturing of KYC details and allotment of IP number to new employees is mandatory for every employer

1.Refer employee Aadhar for exactness of name and initials, Date of Birth. Employee Bank Details & Mobile number

  1. If it is first time employment for the new joinee, generate IP number through the ESIC Portal found in the URL

3.If the employee has previous employment and has Insurance number, map the IP number with this company through the ESIC found in URL

4.If entry for declaration made on 25th, by default the joining date will get recorded as 15th, even if he had joined on 1st of that month.

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