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Excise Return ER – 7 – Components of ER- 7 Form


ER-7 Form is for Annual Installed Capacity Statement

In the first part of the form

  1. The name of the Manufacturer has to be mentioned.

In the second part of the form, the following has to be registered.

  1. The address of the factory has to be registered

In the Third Part of the form, the following has to be registered.

  1. Central excise registration number

In the Fourth Part of the form, the

  1. i) Annual declaration      ii) Amendments to declaration already filed

Has to be filled by crossing it against the box.

In the Fifth part of the form,

Installed capacity as on ———————- has to be filled.

In the Sixth part of the form, details of the Installed capacity of the factory have to be filled in.

  • Sl No
  • Description of each class of goods manufacture
  • Unit of measure
  • Annual production capacity


In the Seventh part of the form, details of the main plants and machinery installed have to be filled in.

  • Sl. No.
  • Description of main machinery/plan
  • Technical specifications (make, model, etc.)
  • Year of installation


8.  Details of electricity connection:

In the Eighth part of the form, details of the electricity connection have to be filled in as per the detail mentioned in the respective section.

  • Name of electricity supplying company
  • Total number of electricity meters installed in the factory
  •  Electricity consumer number

(ii) Electricity meter number(s)

  • Sanctioned electricity load:
  • Unit of measurement (HP/KWh/others-specify)
  • Quantity
  • (i) Whether captive power plant installed (ii) If so, its installed capacity


9. In the Ninth part of the form, the declaration form is present.

(i) I/We_____________________________ hereby declare that the information given above is true, correct and complete in every respect to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. (ii) I/We am/are authorized to sign this declaration.

The signature of the authorized signatory and Name in Capital letters has to be mentioned with place and Date


The last part of the form is Acknowledgement

Here the following details have to be entered.

  1. Date of receipt in DD, MM, and YY Format.
  2. Name and Signature of the officer with the seal.


Find your ER-7 Form here: ER-7

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