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What is DIR 9 ?

Whenever a company fails to file the financial statements or annual returns, or fails to repay any deposit, interest, dividend, or fails to redeem its debentures, as specified in sub-section (2) of section 164, the company shall immediately file Form DIR-9, to the Registrar furnishing therein the names and addresses of all the directors of the company during the relevant financial years.

When has to file ?

When a company fails to file the Form DIR-9 within a period of thirty days of the failure that would attract the disqualification under sub-section (2) of section 164, officers of the company specified in clause (60) of section 2 of the Act shall be the officers in default.

Upon receipt of the Form DIR-9 under sub-rule (2), the Registrar shall immediately register the document and place it in the document file for public inspection.

The following details to be furnished in DIR 9

Registration No. of Company

Nominal Capital

Paid-up Capital

Name of Company

Address of its Registered Office

The name and address of directors at the relevant period are as under:-

(a) Director’s name in full, without abbreviations

(b) Director’s name as per company’s records

(abbreviations may be expanded and shown)

(c) Address of the Director : – (i) Permanent

(ii) Present

(d) Positions held by the director in the last 5 years, prior to disqualification:

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