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Debenture Holders Register & Member

ROC Debenture Holders Register & Member

What is Debenture Holder & Member Register?

Register of debenture holders or any other security holders: Every company which issues or allots debentures or any other security shall maintain a separate register of debenture holders or security holders, as the case may be, for each type of debentures or other securities in Form No.MGT.2.

Register of members: Every company limited by shares shall, from the date of its registration, maintain a register of its members in Form No. MGT.1

Every company needs to keep and maintain the below-mentioned registers with respect to its members:

  • Register of the members separately for the equity shares and preference shares.
  • Register for the debenture holders.
  • Register for other security holders.

The registers must contain an index of the names. Further, member’s register, in case a company doesn’t have the share capital, must have the following details of each member:

  • Name, address, E-mail, PAN, UIN, CIN, Occupation, Nationality, Father’s /Mother’s Name/Spouse’s Name,
  • Date of commencement of membership,
  • Date of cessation of membership,
  • Other details as necessary.




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