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Charge Register

ROC Charge Register

What is Charge Register?

Every company accepting deposits must keep at the registered office, one or more registers for deposits accepted and/or renewed for a period of 8 years. Such period must be from FY (financial year) in which the entry was made in such register.

Register of Charge by Company:Every company is expected to maintain at their registered office, a register of charge in the form CHG-7

The register must contain the followings in respect of depositors:

  • Name, PAN and address of the depositors;
  • For minors, guardian details;
  • Particulars of the nominee;
  • Date and amount of each deposit;
  • Deposit receipt number;
  • Interest rate;
  • Duration of such deposit:
  • Repayable date;
  • The due date for interest payment;
  • Payment date of interest due;
  • Details with respect to deposit insurance;
  • Details of charge/ security created;
  • Other details with respect to deposit.

All the entries which are entered in this register must be authenticated by the company’s directory, secretary or such other officer authorized to do so.


















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