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BOCW – Safety Officer

BOCW – Safety Officer

Safety Committee and safety officers.- (1) In every establishment wherein five hundred or more building workers are ordinarily employed, the employer shall constitute a Safety Committee consisting of a such number of representatives of the employer and the building workers as may be prescribed by the State Government:

Provided that the number of persons representing the workers, shall, in no case, be less than the persons representing the employer.

(2) In every establishment referred to in sub-section (1), the employer shall also appoint a safety officer who shall possess such qualifications and perform such duties as may be prescribed.

Notice of certain accidents.- (1) Where in any establishment an accident occurs which causes death or which causes any bodily injury by reason of which the person injured is prevented from working for a period of forty-eight hours or more immediately following the accident, or which is of such a nature as may be prescribed, the employer shall give notice thereof to such authority, in such form and within such time as may be prescribed.

(2) On receipt of a notice under sub-section (1) the authority referred to in that sub-section may make such investigation or inquiry as it considers necessary.

(3) Where a notice given under subsection (1) relates to an accident causing the death of five or more persons, the authority shall make an inquiry into such an accident within one month of the receipt of the notice.

Framing of model rules for safety measures.- The Central Government may, after considering the recommendation of the expert committee constituted under section n5, fran1e model rules in respect of all or any of the matters specified in section 40 and where any such model rules have been framed in respect of (my such matter, the appropriate Government shall while making any rules in respect of that matter under section 40, so far as is practicable, conform to such model rules.

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