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BOCW – Safety & Health

BOCW – Safety & Health

General Provisions relating to Safety & Health, Excessive noise, vibration, etc., Fire protection, Emergency action plans, Fencing of motors, etc., Lifting and carrying of excessive weight : Man – 50 kg. Woman – 30kg., Health and Safety Policy, Dangerous and harmful environment, Dust, gases, fumes etc., Corrosive substances, Eye Protection, Head Protection and other protective apparel, Electrical hazards, Stacking of materials, Disposal of debris.

Excessive noise, vibration etc.- An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that adequate measures are taken to protect building workers against the harmful effects of excessive noise or vibration at such construction site and the noise level in no case exceeds the limits laid down in Schedule-VI to these rules.

Fire Protection.– An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that,-

(a) such construction site is provided with,-

(i) fire extinguishing equipment sufficient to extinguish any probable fire at such. construction site;

(ii) an adequate water supply at ample pressure as per national standards;

(iii) number of trained persons required to operate the fire extinguishing equipment provided under sub-clause (i):

(b) fire-extinguishing equipment provided under sub-clause (i) of clause (a) is properly maintained and inspected at regular intervals of not less than once a year by the responsible person and a record of such inspections is maintained;

(c) in case of every launch or boat or other craft used for transport of building workers and the cabin of every lifting appliance including mobile crane adequate number of portable fire-extinguishing equipment of suitable type shall be provided at each of such launch or boat or craft or lifting appliance.

Emergency action plans.- An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that in case more than five hundred building workers are employed at such construction site emergency action plan to handle the emergencies like,-

(a) fire and explosion,

(b) the collapse of lifting appliances and transport equipment,

(c) the collapse of buildings, sheds or structures etc.,

(d) gas leakage or spillage of dangerous goods or chemicals,

(e) drowning of building workers, sinking of vessels, and

(f) landslides getting building workers buried, floods, storms and other natural

calamities are prepared and submitted for the approval of the Chief Inspector of

building and other construction work.

Fencing of motors, etc.– An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that,-

(a) all motors, cogwheels, chains and friction gearing, flywheels, shafting, dangerous

and moving parts of machinery (whether or not driven by mechanical power) and steam pipes

are securely fenced or lagged ;

(b) the fencing of dangerous parts of machinery is not removed while such machinery is in motion or in use:

(c) no part of any machinery which is in motion and which is not securely fenced is examined, lubricated, adjusted or repaired except by a person skilled for such examination, lubrication, adjustment or repairs;

(d) machine parts are cleaned when such machine is stopped;

(e) when a machine is stopped for servicing or repairs adequate measures are taken to ensure that such machine does not restart inadvertently.

Lifting and carrying of excessive weight.– An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building and other construction work that,-

(a) no building worker lifts by hand or carries overhead or over his back or shoulders any material, articles, tool or appliances exceeding in weight the maximum limits set out in

the following table:-

Person. Maximum weight Load.

Adult-man 50kg

Adult-woman 30kg

Adolescent-male 30kg

Adolescent-female 20kg

unless aided by any other building worker or a mechanical device.

(b) no building worker aided by other building workers, lift by hand or carry overhead or over their backer shoulders, any material, article, tool or appliance exceeding in weight the sum total of maximum limits set out for each building worker separately under clause (a) , unless aided by a mechanical device.

Overhead Protection.

(1) The employer shall ensure at the building or other construction work that overhead protection is erected along the periphery of every building under construction which shall be of fifteen metres or more in height when completed.

(2) Overhead protection referred to in sub-rule (1) shall not be less than two metres wide and shall be erected at a height not more than five metres above the base of the building and. the outer edge of such overhead protection shall be one hundred fifty millimetres higher than the inner edge thereof or shall be erected at an angle of not more than twenty degrees to its horizontal sloping into the building.

(3) The employer shall ensure at the building and other construction work that any area exposed to risk or falling material articles or objects is roped off or cordoned off or otherwise suitably guarded from inadvertent entry of persons other than building worker at work in such area.

Dust, gases, fumes etc.– An employer shall prevent concentration of dust, gases or fumes by providing suitable means to control their concentration within the permissible limit so that they may not cause injury or pose health hazard to a building worker at a building or other construction work.

Corrosive Substances.– The employer shall ensure that corrosive substances, including alkalis and acids, shall be stored and used by a person dealing with such substances at a building or other construction work in such a manner that it does not endanger the building worker and suitable protective equipment shall be provided by the employer to a building worker during handling or use of such substances at a building or other construction work and in case of spillage of such substances on the building worker, immediate remedial measures shall be taken by the employer.

Eye Protection.– Suitable personal protective equipment for the protection of eyes shall be provided by an employer and used by the building worker engaged in operations like welding, cutting, chipping, grinding or similar operations which may cause a hazard to his eyes at a building or other construction work.

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