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BOCW – Occupational diseases – Form XIV

BOCW – Occupational diseases – Form XIV

Notice of poisoning or occupational diseases.- The employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that,—

(a) when a building worker contracts any disease specified in Schedule II annexed to these rules, a notice in Form XIII under Schedule-XIII to these rules is sent without delay to the Inspector, having jurisdiction, and to the Board with which such building worker is registered as a beneficiary; and

(b) if a medical practitioner or construction medical officer attends on a building worker suffering from any disease referred to in clause (a), such medical practitioner or construction medical officer sends information regarding the name and full particulars of such building worker and the disease suffered by him to the Chief Inspector of Inspection of Building and Construction without delay.



Notifiable Occupational Diseases in Building and other Construction work.

[(See rule 230(a)]


  1. Occupational dermatitis.
  2. Occupational Cancer.
  3. Asbestos.
  4. Silicosis.
  5. Lead poisoning including poisoning by any preparation or compound of lead or their sequelae.
  6. Benzene poisoning, including poisoning by any of its homologues, their nitro or amino derivatives or its sequelae.
  7. Occupational asthma.
  8. Pesticide poisoning.
  9. Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10. Toxic Jaundice.
  11. Toxic anaemia.
  12. Compressed air illness (Caissons disease).
  13. Noise-induced hearing loss.
  14. Isocyanates poisoning.
  15. Toxic nephritis

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