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BOCW – Notices display

BOCW – Notices display

Abstracts calendar charts of CLRA and other acts are to be displayed in the Notice Board, because, for instance: the inspector may visit the office and issued a notice stating that the concerned authority has not exhibited the Abstract of Labour or also of other Acts and Laws, for example, abstract of building construction.

The following abstract to be displayed

1)Abstract of Factories Act of India, and

2) Abstract of Gratuity Act

3) Abstract of Contract Labour Act

4) Abstract of Bonus Act

5) Abstract of Payment of Wages Act

6) Abstract of Minimum Wages Act, or

7) Abstract of Maternity Benefit Act

8) Abstract of Provident Fund or

9) ESIC Scheme

10) Child Labour Act

11) Standing Orders

12) Workmen Compensation Act and

13) Abstract of building construction BOCW act, and

14) Sexual Harassment Act and

15) Equal Remuneration Act and

16) Industrial Dispute and also

17) Apprentice Act

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