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BOCW Applicability

BOCW Applicability

Notice of commencement and completion.-

(1) Every employer shall, at least thirty days before the commencement of any building or other construction work under his control, send or cause to be sent to the Inspector having jurisdiction, a written notice intimating the actual date of the commencement, the probable date of completion and other such particulars as referred to in sub-section (1) of section 46 of the Act, relating to such building or other construction work, in Form-IV under Schedule-XIII to these rules.

(2) Where any change occurs in any of the particulars furnished under sub-rule (1), the employer shall intimate such change to the Inspector having jurisdiction within two days of such change.

(3) Nothing contained in sub-rule (1) shall apply in case of such class of building or other construction work as the Government may, by notification, specify to be emergent work.