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BOCW – Accidents & Dangerous occurences – Form – XIV

BOCW – Accidents & Dangerous occurrences – Form – XIV

Reporting of accidents.– (1) Notice of an accident on the construction site, which either,—

(a) causes loss of life: or

(b) disable a building worker from working for a period of forty-eight hours or more immediately following the accident, shall forthwith be sent by telegram, telephone, fax or similar other means including special messenger within four hours, in case of fatal accidents and seventy-two hours, in case of other accidents, involving building worker, to the,—

(i) Board with which the building work involved in the accident was registered as a beneficiary;

(ii) Chief Inspector of Inspection of Building and Construction; and

(iii) Next in kin or other relatives of building work involved in an accident.

(2) Notice of an accident at a construction site of a building or other construction work, which,—

(a) causes loss of life; or

(b) disable such building worker from work for more than ten days following the accident, shall also be sent to-

(i) the officer in charge of the nearest police station; and

(ii) the District Magistrate or if the District Magistrate by order so desires, to the Revenue Divisional Officer, having jurisdiction over the area, as may be directed by the District Magistrate;

(3) In the case of an accident falling under clause (b) of sub-rule(l) or clause (b) of sub-rule (2), the injured building worker shall be given first-aid and immediately thereafter be transferred to a hospital or other place for medical treatment.

(4) Where any accident causing disablement, subsequently results in the death of a building worker, notice in writing of such death shall be communicated to the authorities as mentioned in sub-rule(l) and sub-rule(2) within seventy-two hours of such death.

(5) The following classes of dangerous occurrences shall be reported to the Inspector having jurisdiction, whether or not any death or disablement is caused to a building worker, in the manner prescribed in sub-rule(l), namely:-

(a) collapse or failure of lifting appliances or hoist or conveyors or other similar equipment for handling building or construction material, or breakage or failure of rope, chain or loose gears overturning cranes used in building or the reconstruction work falling of objects from height;

(b) collapse or subsidence of soil, any wall, floor, gallery roof or any other part of any structure, platform, staging scaffolding or any means of access including formwork;

(c) contact work, excavation, the collapse of transmissions;

(d) the explosion of receiver or Vessel used for storage at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, of any gas or gases or any liquid or solid used as building material;

(e) fire and explosion causing damage to any place on construction site where building workers are employed;

(f) spillage or leakage of hazardous substances and damage to their container;

(g) collapse, capsize, toppling or collision of transport equipment; and

(h) leakage or release of harmful toxic gases at the construction site.

(6) In case of failure of a lifting appliance, loose gear, hoist or building and other

construction work, machinery and transport equipment at a construction site of a building or other construction work. such appliances, gear, hoist, machinery or equipment and the site of such occurrence shall, as far as practicable, be kept undisturbed until inspected by the inspector having jurisdiction.

(7) Every notice given under sub-rule(l), sub-rule (2) or sub-rule(4) shall be followed by a written report to the Inspector, authority under Section 39 of the  Act. the Board and the chief inspector of building and other construction workers in Form XIV under Schedule XIII under proper acknowledgement.

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