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Why Turbocomply?

A. Compliance is a constantly changing regulatory landscape which needs close monitoring to avoid   penalties and risks.

B. The Core team of Auditors is constant, but the working executives change yearly based on the internship or articleship. 

  • Managing their workflow
  • Training the articles (interns)
  • Transfer of work from one to another article is challenging.

Work, Work files get lost and untracked during this.

C. The Auditors or their team, work from Remote or Client locations during 50% of Office hours in a year. Managing the Team, Work, Documents and Coordination during this time, is a challenge. 


How Turbocomply helps an Audit Firm or a Company ?

Turbocomply is a Cloud Compliance management tool for the Auditors or a Company, which automates and streamlines the Workflow and Compliance.

Turbocomply will ensure that any company is :

  1. 100% compliant to Statutory and Regulatory compliances
  2. Track the flow of Tasks and their status of each client specifically
  3. Save and Track the Client’s documents Client specifically
  4. Increase transparency with Client by sharing access 


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